Nähanleitung Rock “Rebecka”

Sewing Instructions Skirt “Rebecka”

With Rebecka you can enter the skirt category, only the zipper is a bit more difficult to sew. The skirt has no waistband, only a fallen top edge, no pockets, but is lined. The flared hem means you don't need a slit. The narrow shape in the waist and hip area cuts a beautiful figure, simply combine Rebecka with the Lotta sweater or the Ronja blouse .
Length at center back = 63-69cm

Required material:

We recommend a wool fabric , cotton or a viscose/polyester blend

Size 34-40

Size 42-50

Size 34-42

Size 42-50

outer fabric

outer fabric




1.50 m

0.70 m

1.10 m

140cm wide

140cm wide

140cm wide

140cm wide

Size 34-50 ripper 1 22cm long

You need:

  • 1x front skirt in fold made of fabric
  • 2x fabric backskirt
  • 1x front skirt slip made of fabric
  • 2x fabric slip skirt slip
  • 1x front piece receipt in the break from insert
  • 1x back part receipt in the break from insert
  • 1x seam zipper 20 cm
  • 1 x front skirt in fold made of lining
  • 2 x lining skirt

Sewing instructions:

To sew this skirt you need a sewing machine and an overlock sewing machine, alternatively you can use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to finish the raw edges.

If you use a seam zipper, you also need the right presser foot for your sewing machine. In addition to the description, the colorful lines in the pictures show you where a seam needs to be sewn or something to be glued.
When sewing, pay attention to the seam allowance included in the pattern.
Happy sewing!
First you neaten the raw edges of the side seams and the center back on the outer fabric and lining and also on the lining parts. First sew the darts of the back skirt parts in the outer fabric and lining fabric right sides together and iron them to the center back.

Now you sew the back center seam from the notch to the hem in the outer fabric and lining.

Pin the seam ripper to one side on the right side of the fabric and sew it to the center back. Then pin it on the 2nd side and sew. Make sure that you arrive at the same point at the bottom and that the top edge is also level. Press open the seam allowances below the zipper.

Iron the hems of the outer fabric and lining parts and keep the width. Unfold it again.

Next, sew the side seams of the outer fabric, lining and facings right sides together and press open the seam allowances.

Neaten the hem of the skirt and sew it in place. The lining skirt is turned in 2x 1cm and stitched.

Sew 2 hangers from leftover food, finished dimensions are 26 x 0.8 cm. Turn them over with a thick needle and iron them flat.

Sew it as a loop on the side seam of the slip from the right to the lower seam allowance and also fasten it to the side seam of the slip 2 cm below the upper raw edge.

Sew the facing to the lining skirt, right sides together, overcast the seam allowances together and iron them towards the hem. Stitch the seam allowances onto the lining skirt from the right edge.

Now sew the lining skirt right sides together at the center back onto the zipper pull up to the snap.

Now place the upper edges of the skirt and lining right sides together and pin them in place, the snaps meet. In the center back, the outer fabric together with the zipper is folded onto the facing side in the direction of the side seam. Sew this seam.

Then stitch the seam allowance from the right edge onto the facing, approx. 3cm away from the zipper. Iron your score.

In our model, we included a piping band between the outer fabric and facing at the top edge. To do this, first sew the piping tape onto the receipt, making sure that you neither stretch nor compress the tape. You should use a one-sided sewing foot (zipper foot).

After that the lining goes to the zipper and the upper edge is sewn as described above.

Finally, topstitch the upper edge just below the right edge.

Your REBECKA is ready!

If you don't know what to do, or if you have any questions, please send us an email to info@schnittmuster-berlin.de. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Have a lot of fun with your new designer piece!

Sincerely, your Dagmar and Ellen.

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