The sleeve has a cuff with a so-called rolled-in slit. Start slot processing. To do this, place the slit strip, right sides together, under the incision in the sleeve. Place both under your sewing machine and sew the strip in place, starting at 0.7 cm, with the same edges as the incision. At the top of the cut the seam allowance is only approx. 2mm and ends at 0.7cm again. This means the incision goes straight from 0.7cm to 0.2cm and back to 0.7cm while the seam allowance of the fly strip always stays the same distance (see photo).

The split strip is then ironed over.

To finish the slit, the slit strip only has to be folded in and out twice and stitched through just under the edge from the right side.

Now you can fix the upper corner of the slit on the inside of the sleeve with a seam running diagonally upwards.

Now the slit can be finished and ironed to the right side. The top step is ironed once and stitched. The understep stays flat. The upper photo is of the left arm for orientation, a slit can always be opened backwards when tightened. Cut the fly strip at the beginning and end to the correct length of the sleeve.

After the slit has been processed, the folds of the sleeve can be folded up as shown in the pattern. Use the snaps and the directional arrows in the cut as a guide. Secure the folds with a seam that is the width of a quilting foot.

Have lots of fun with it

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