Side seam pockets are particularly popular with jackets and dresses. At the beginning, the pocket bag facings are trimmed at the bottom edge.

And then sewn to the two inner visible pocket pouches. This prevents the lining from being visible when the bag is opened.

The pocket bags made of lining fabric are sewn right sides together onto the front part according to the markings on the pattern.

The pocket bags with the pocket bag cover sewn on are sewn right sides together onto the back part according to the markings in the pattern.

Take the front piece and the back piece and lay them on top of each other, right sides together. Close the side seam from the armhole to the beginning of the pocket and from the end of the pocket to the hem.

Now the pocket bags can be sewn together all around with 1cm. Your side seam pockets are done.

Have lots of fun with it

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