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Pants Nuru

Pants Nuru

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Ebooks are only available in multi-size format. Paper patterns are only shipped within the EU (+CH).

📏 Measurement chart 📏

Fashion likes to change its silhouettes and proportions from time to time, which is why pants are sitting more in the waist again and are getting longer legs. With the flared hem, the pattern of the Nuru trousers is reminiscent of the flared trousers of the 70s. The special thing about Nuru are the dividing seams, which run from the back yoke over the side seam into the hem of the front leg. The pants are nice and narrow up to the hips and then widen towards the hem. The slanting pockets and the double quilting on the seams make them look very sporty. Hem width = 54-62cm and

Side length without waistband = 105cm.

Available in single and multi-size cuts from 34-50

Level : medium - for experienced


We recommend a fine cord , denim or a woolen fabric .

Sizes 34-40

  • Outer fabric 1.70 m 140 cm wide
  • Ripper 1 piece 12 cm long

Sizes 42-50

  • Outer fabric 2.10 m 140 cm wide
  • Ripper 1 piece 13 cm long

Sizes 34-50

  • Lining 0.25 m 140 cm wide
  • Insert 0.50 m 90 cm wide
  • Form tape 1.50 m 12 mm wide
  • Button 1 piece 16 mm diameter

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Waltraud Hartung

Cargohose Winona

Julia Lutter

Cargohose Winona

Michèle Schuwey

Cargohose Winona

Ganz lieben Dank für deine Bewertung!

Cargohose Winona

Wieder ein sehr gelungenes Hosenschnittmuster. Die Hose sitzt perfekt ohne weitere Anpassungen und trägt sich sehr bequem.

Wunderbar, das freut uns, vielen Dank für die fünf Sterne.

Sylvie Debois

Cargohose Winona

Herzlichen Dank für deine Bewertung

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