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sweater Lova

sweater Lova

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Ebooks are only available in multi-size format. Paper patterns are only shipped within the EU (+CH).

📏 Measurement chart 📏
The Lova raglan sweater is the result of our collaboration with Julia from Kreativlabor Berlin. As the saying goes... we threw our core competencies together and the result was a sweater that we all love. The special thing about Lova is the collapsed button placket in the front raglan seams on both sides. It's not exactly easy to work with, but with Julia's illustrated sewing instructions it's guaranteed to be achievable by anyone.

Available as an ebook in A4, A0, and

as a single and multi-size cut from 34-50.

Level : medium for experienced


We recommend soft jersey , sweat or knit fabric

Sizes 34-42
  • Outer fabric 1.30 m 140 cm wide
Sizes 44-50
  • Outer fabric 1.45 m 140 cm wide
Sizes 34-50
  • Insert 0.10 m 90 cm wide
  • Buttons 6 pieces 10 mm diameter
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