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Jacket Svea

Jacket Svea

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Ebooks are only available in multi-size format. Paper patterns are only shipped within the EU (+CH).

📏 Measurement chart 📏
In November 2019 we released the hoodie emilea , the first pattern developed with Manu from emilea-berlin . One year later we are very happy to present you a successor. SVEA - a jacket in a sporty military style, with patch pockets, epaulettes and arm straps. This jacket combines many details, such as the zip in the center front that the panel covers and the various straps that you can fasten with sporty snaps. Every little detail is well thought out, as we have come to expect from Manu. Due to the different divisions in the cut and the many details, it is worth using a contrasting fabric, such as a woolen fabric with oilskin.

Center back length = 64-70 cm

Available as an e-book and as a single and multi-size pattern from 34-50

Level : demanding - for professionals


We recommend a jacket wool fabric , boiled wool or oilskin

Sizes 34-40
  • Outer fabric 1.50 m 140 cm wide
  • Contrast 0.60 m 140 cm wide
  • Lining 1.20 m 140 cm wide
  • Insert 1.60 m 90 cm wide
Sizes 42-50
  • Outer fabric 1.90 m 140 cm wide
  • Contrast 0.60 m 140 cm wide
  • Lining 1.40 m 140 cm wide
  • Insert 1.80 m 90 cm wide
Sizes 34-50
  • Fixing tape 1.10 m 12 mm wide
size 34
  • Zipper 56 cm long divisible
Size 36-38
  • Zipper 58 cm long divisible
size 40
  • Zipper 60 cm divisible
Sizes 42-50
  • Zipper 65 cm long divisible
  • Printer 9 pieces 10 mm diameter
Sizes 34-40
  • Outer fabric completely 1.90 m 140 cm wide
Sizes 42-50
  • Outer fabric completely 2.30 m 140 cm wide


Customer Reviews

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Michael Wittmann

Ich bin leider noch nicht dazugekommen, sie zu nähen, aber ich freue mich schon darauf

Iris Uphoff

Der Versand war prompt und kostengünstig verpackt. Zu den Schnitten selber kann ich noch nichts sagen, müssen erstmal „bearbeitet“ werden, aber ich hab schon einen dritten Schnitt bestellt! 😊

Liebe Iris,
herzlichen Dank für deine Bewertung und viel Freude beim Nähen der - 3 Schnitte.

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