Nähanleitung Sommershirt “Olga”

Sewing instructions summer shirt “Olga”

If you think that a shirt is a shirt, you can see from the example of our Olga pattern that there are an incredible number of variations in this area too. We have stayed true to our love of patching different fabrics this time and have designed a great and casual shirt with dropped shoulders for you. As always, the special feature is in the detail: the one-piece shoulder yoke, the patch pocket and the narrow stripe in the V-neck are made of contrasting fabric. The length at the center back is: 72-76 cm.

In this example, the casual and at the same time chic blouse Olga with a breast pocket was sewn from a viscose kersey in combination with a cotton fabric.

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Required material:

We recommend a jersey, polyester satin, silk or viscose as a contrasting material.

  • Sizes 34-40: Outer fabric 0.85m (140cm wide)
  • Sizes 42-50: outer fabric 1.5m (140cm wide)
  • Sizes 34-50: contrast fabric 0.40m (140cm wide)


Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Cut the pattern pieces out of fabric and transfer the notches from the pattern. In addition to the description, the colorful brackets in the pictures show you where a seam needs to be sewn.

  • 1x front piece in opposite directions
  • 1x back in break
  • 2x pass in opposite direction
  • 1x strip for the neckline
  • 1x bag

sewing instructions

Iron your bag using the pattern piece. The upper edge is folded inwards twice using the marking. Fold the upper corners inwards like a small triangle so that you don't see an open edge from above afterwards. Stitch the top edge tightly.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Pin the pocket, wrong sides together, to the left front part of the blouse along the markings in the pattern and stitch it tightly on both sides and the bottom edge. Thanks to the small triangles, you also have a clean result from above.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Now iron the edges of the armholes on the two front pieces and on both sides of the back piece inwards using the seam allowance. Do the same with the armholes of the four yokes.

Place two opposite yoke pieces with their right sides on the upper edge of the back piece and sew them together. You start on the inside, lock the seam and end on the outside right at the edge of the temple. You will see this in more detail in the later steps. Iron the seam allowance in the direction of the yoke and stitch tightly.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Lay the matching front piece with its right side on the yoke at the top. Now the other pass part should also be placed with its right, open upper edge on top. The easiest way to do this is to either fold the remaining fabric together or roll it up and reach under the layers of fabric from behind and pull them from the back over the bottom and up.

It sounds a bit complicated, but it's really easy after the first time. I let the many layers of fabric look out of the side opening on the left (part of what will later be the neckline) and can therefore easily close this seam (blue clips).

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Again, start at the neckline and sew up to the edge of the underwire. That's what it looks like. Then topstitch from the right edge.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

With the help of the clips it was marked here that the two yoke parts now have to be sewn together right sides together using the wire edge so that the armhole is neatly closed. So turn the yoke inside out again through the opening of the neckline and close the side seam by sewing directly on the underwire edges.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Turn them right side out again, iron the edge nice and flat and you have a neatly sewn armhole. Because the lower parts of the armhole (petrol-colored fabric) have been ironed well inwards, you don't need to sew them on yourself.

Close the center front of your blouse right sides together.

Then sew the side seams of your blouse right sides together up to the marking on the pattern for the slit. It is a good idea to sew these seams with a normal sewing machine so that you can then iron the seam allowances apart and make the slit processing easier for you.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

First fold the hem inwards twice using the marking in the pattern and iron it in place. Then use the marking to fold the slit parts inwards twice. Ironing will make sewing a lot easier for you afterwards.

Stitch the folded edges tightly. For the slits, sew horizontally over the side seam at the top and then continue on the other side as normal.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

So your slit is cleanly processed. Iron the strip for the neckline in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Place the two open side edges right sides together and sew them together by sewing along the notch. Then cut back the seam allowances. It's a good idea to clip in the middle until just before the seam, so you get a clean V-neckline. Right picture: This is your neck strip.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Pin it right sides together around the neckline, making sure the V-neckline is flush with the center front and sew all the way around. Topstitch the neckline from the right edge.

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

Congratulations, your blouse Olga is ready!

Sewing instructions for the blouse "Olga"

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