If you still dare to sew a piece of clothing, you can try your hand at a beautiful and simple home accessory - a pillowcase! It is easy to sew, but a real eye-catcher and the perfect introduction for sewing beginners. Of course, there are also different models for pillowcases, in our cut you can choose between different variants.

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Sewing instructions for pillow "Georgia"

Sewing instructions:

Fabric selection:
First you familiarize yourself with the pattern and choose a suitable fabric for the cover. I chose two solid fabrics for this, if the fabric is too thin the surrounding folds won't stand up enough later. For the front I chose a nice printed fabric that goes well with my couch, the back is monochrome.


You then place the selected pattern on the fabric and trace the edges with chalk. Then you can simply cut the fabric and get 3 large pieces of fabric.

The back consists of two parts that have a bar of different lengths in the middle. This is where the buttons and buttonholes will come in later. First, on the part with the shorter flap, there is a 4 cm narrow turn-in (can be sewn or ironed). Then the seam allowance is turned over and stitched. Next, the whole bar is turned over and ironed. Now take the other piece of fabric with the longer bar. Here the bar is first turned over 1 cm and then again 2.5 cm at the seam allowance and ironed. Now the two back parts can be sewn together on the sides up to the bar.

Front and back side:
Since the front consists of only one piece of fabric, it can be sewn together directly with the back "inside out". Pay attention to the seam allowance.

Protruding fold:
Actually, the pillow would already be finished, but the special highlight of the pillowcase is still missing, the protruding fold! To do this, turn the cover right side out and stitch neatly along the edges at a distance of 4.5 cm. Make sure the fabrics lie neatly on top of each other. So, now your pillow has a nice flutter edge!

Almost done, now only the buttons and buttonholes are missing. 3 buttonholes are sewn with the machine in the upper bar on the back piece. If you like, you can also sew the buttonholes in the lower flap, then you won't see the buttons later. Now sew on the buttons and you're done!

Have fun with your beautiful new pillow!

Sewing instructions for pillow "Georgia"

Sewing instructions for pillow "Georgia"

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