Es gibt noch mehr als Dagmar und Ellen

There is more than Dagmar and Ellen

Hello you hard-working readers,

you may have noticed that there have been several new sewing instructions since October. But all of this didn't just grow in Ellen and Dagmar's flowerpot. There are a few more people here who support the two full of zest for action.

Me for example.

The post says "Created by Dagmar", but it comes from me, Sarah. I came to the Schnittmacher Berlin five months ago because I can (must) do an internship during my studies and that's a good thing, because where else can you learn more than in professional life. I'm studying fashion design in the 5th semester and since I have a keen interest in cutting, I really wanted to become a specialist. That's how I came here and also very happy with my choice. Dagmar and Ellen not only look likeable in their pictures and videos, they are also likeable in real life. It was an honor for me to support and learn from both of them for almost 5 months.

I learned a lot about editing here and I'm also proud that many of the pictures on Instagram were created through my eyes.

But enough reporting, because I also have a surprise for you.

I was allowed to carry out my own editing project as part of the internship. From the draft to cutting optimization to the test part. Ellen and Dagmar were so enthusiastic about my design that they will include it in their online shop.

If your sewing fingers are already tingling, I have to put you off a bit. It will be a few more weeks before the pattern is available for purchase. The further work is now in Ellen and Dagmar's hands.

Until then, I'll say goodbye to you. My well-deserved semester break is waiting for me.

Your Sarah

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