#Projekt mit Justine Leconte

#Project with Justine Leconte

Anyone who comes from the world of fashion will be familiar with the name Justine Leconte and one or the other will certainly have a face in mind.

The aspiring fashion designer has launched her own fashion and jewelery collection, and she is also one of the major European influencers with a large following on YouTube. With her current video, she takes her viewers behind the scenes of the development of the collection. You can accompany them in their videos from the first inspirations to the draft drawing, the creation of the pattern, the first fittings to the completion of the models.

We were able to support Justine in her projects as the Schnittmacher Berlin team and were looking forward to an exciting collaboration. We love tracking down the creative ideas of the designers and turning them into great cuts.

Justine visited us at our company in Berlin-Tempelhof on one of the many hot summer days. With wonderful mood boards, she took us into her world of thoughts so that we could develop a feeling for her designs.

In the next 2 weeks, Ellen started developing the patterns so that we could try them on for the first time.

We were all enthusiastic from the first fitting, the models met Justine's ideas and after the revision and fine-tuning we were able to hand over the patterns to Justine ready for production.

But Justine's films on YouTube are nicer than we can describe here, be sure to check them out, it's worth it!

We really enjoyed being part of the project and trying new things with Justine. Apart from realizing the collection, it was also exciting to be part of a video production. After all, how often does it happen that a camera looks over our shoulder as we work, stake out, and grade?

Thank you Justine for the creative collaboration!

Dagmar & Ellen

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