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On August 27th, we announced it on our social media channels and shortly after, our online store's traffic skyrocketed: our new winter collection was out! "Of course!" one would think, "Prepare for winter at the end of August... the weather is still hot like summer, why should I sew sweaters?".

But that's how it works in the fashion world, because you have to prepare for the upcoming season and get in the mood for style. And the new favorite pieces need to be sewn in time so that you can wear them from November. With the release of our 2018/2019 collection, we're practically the exciting winter staple of the fashion world!

But now jokes aside and keep our eyes on the pictures: because for the new parts of the series, which all have names that start with the letter P such as Paula, Penelope, Paul and Pony Hütchen, we took the time on one of the beautiful summer days and drove to Dagmar in Schönwalde, north of Berlin. Her eternally long garden showed us its most beautiful facets when we arrived. Whether a massive wild flower hedge, brick walls or an antique wooden bench under an apple tree. It was very difficult for us to choose where to photograph which items of clothing - we just decided to conquer different scenes!

When the models Ellen and Dagmar were already changing and Marie was also changing from one shooting corner to the next, Eileen and Dagmar's son Jakob later arrived and completed the model team. Parts were excitingly combined and posted on motorcycles. When taking photos, Aylin and the in-house models took turns to accelerate - because there were still so many parts that wanted to be in front of the camera. At the end of the exciting day, we went together for coffee and cake to what is probably the sweetest café in the world and found ourselves in the backdrop of a horticultural flower shop. As soon as the weather permits to photograph our next parts there, you will definitely see it!

You can find our new favorite pieces in our online shop and the illustrated sewing instructions here in the blog. Feel free to browse through and let yourself be surprised

For you follows a selection of our most beautiful pictures and also some from behind the scenes.

We wish you a colorful autumn and a nice Advent season!

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