Nähanleitung Shirt “Queenie”

Sewing Instructions Shirt “Queenie”

We love cuts that are quick to sew but always have a special detail. Queenie is just a cute little shirt, but the details make it stand out from the standard and will definitely enrich your wardrobe. The large heart-shaped neckline is gathered at the center front with a narrow and soft elastic band. As with our Qamar blouse, the upper sleeve seam can be gathered using a tunnel and ribbon.

Length at center back 54-58 cm

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The Queenie in these instructions was sewn from a soft jersey.

Required material:

We recommend a soft jersey.

Size 34-40 Outer fabric 0.70m 140cm wide
Size 42-50 Outer fabric 0.90 m 140cm wide
Size 34-50 Rubber band 4-6cm 0.5cm wide

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