Begin by preparing the belt loops: neaten one of the long sides of the strip for the belt loops. Then iron the unfinished raw edge wrong sides together by 1cm and then fold over the finished edge by 1cm. Iron everything flat.

Finally, stitch along the long sides with a width of 0.2 cm all around.

Cut the strip into (5 - depending on the information on the cut) belt loops of the same size. You can calculate the length of the eyelets as follows:

  • Cuff size: 3.5cm + 2cm NZG (top & bottom) + 1cm (for movement) = 6.5cm (each loop)

Stitch the loops at the markings on the pattern (2 VH, 2 HH, +1 in the HM) right sides together onto the trousers.

Have lots of fun with it

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