Now we come to the processing of the shirt blouse collar. The collar stand is prepared for this. Iron over the outer bridge with 1cm.

The upper and lower collars are placed on top of each other, right sides together, and stitched with a centimeter. For curves and corners, seam allowances are shortened with scissors and cut or cut off. The corners do not become too thick when turning and the seam allowances can be laid flat. It is particularly important that the seam is not cut. That's why we recommend that you sew just before the point and from there with a smaller stitch length. This guarantees you a corner that won't fray as quickly after trimming.

After turning, you should shape the corners with a corner and edge shaper and then iron them out.

Secure the rolled width in the collar with an auxiliary seam. This is necessary so that the shirt collar lies nicely around the curve and there is enough fabric. That's why the upper and lower collars are different sizes.

Depending on your sewing project, you can topstitch the outside edges, this will flatten them nicely and secure them.

Here Ellen shows you how the collar should roll. Bottom and top view.

The upper and lower collars have collapsed and can now be connected to the collar stand. To do this, take the inner bar and place it right sides together on the upper collar.

Then the pre-ironed outer bar is stitched onto the inner bar and undercollar, right sides together.

Before we can stitch the collar to the body, the buttonholes on the hidden button placket on the right side of the body have to be made. To do this, draw the positions of the buttonholes from the pattern on the hidden button placket and pierce them.

Now the collar is sewn in place by needle-stitching the inner bridge, right sides together, to the neck hole and stitching.

The collar is ironed up and the seam allowance lies in the collar. The previously ironed outer web is stitched with a seam close to the edge. Then you can stitch the entire collar stand all around with a seam just under the edge.

Have lots of fun with it

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