The pattern piece for the upper back is called the yoke. The back part can be sewn on with folds or ruffles. The yoke often ends at the shoulder seam, but can also be brought forward a little.

Fits can be straight, slanted or pointed. If you look at a piece of clothing from the inside, you will see that the yoke is doubled, i.e. a yoke is counter-sewn from the inside. The seams are so nicely hidden and are clean.

First you pin the yoke parts to the back part with pins. The back part is enclosed by the yokes. Place the yoke, which will be on the outside, right sides together. Place the inner yoke with the right side on the left side of the back piece.

The clip in the center back allows you to stack all pattern pieces well. Starting from the center back, use pins to stick left and right to the end of the seam.

These three layers are now sewn together with a 1cm seam allowance, so that the first seam is covered.

You fold the outer yoke up and iron the seam nicely. The next step is to connect the yoke to the front piece in the shoulder area. First sew only the outer yoke with the respective front parts, right sides together, and iron the seam allowances to the back.

Here we have photographed the other side for a better understanding. The inner yoke is visibly folded down.

The inner yoke is folded to the shoulder seam. Then you crawl from the open neckline into the shoulder seam, grab the 3 seam allowances. Sew these three layers together. The outer yoke is right sides together on the front piece and the inner yoke is right sides together on the front piece.

Then you can simply pull out the contents and your yoke is beautifully finished. The seam allowances point backwards, i.e. into the yoke, and lie neatly between the inner and outer yokes.

Iron the whole thing flat, being careful not to flat iron the inverted fold.

To continue working, we stapled the layers together at the neckline and armholes with a large stitch. So nothing moves anymore.

A little tip: we have stitched the yokes close to the edge or a stitching foot away from the seam.

Have lots of fun with it

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