Here we show you how to sew a right/left seam, also known as a French seam. The seams of lighter and/or transparent woven fabrics are beautifully finished and you don't need an overlock seam. That is why the raw edges are “hidden” in a French seam. All you need is a straight stitch and an iron. Lay your pattern pieces on top of each other, wrong sides together. Yes, you read that right: the right side of the fabric is facing out on both pieces. This contradicts the "normal" processing, in which the fabric is always laid right sides together so that the seam allowances are on the inside. The seam is sewn together with 0.5 cm. The seam allowance is now unusually visible on the outside on the right side of the fabric.

The seam allowances are ironed apart. You can also iron them together to one side. In general, we recommend that you do not skip ironing with this type of processing.

Now lay the layers right sides together and iron the seam so that there is a break or an edge. The sleeve is sewn up with 1cm. The 0.5cm sewn seam allowance disappears into it and the fabric sides are right sides together. The seam allowance is ironed towards the back. You can also use this type of seam for shoulder and side seams.

Have lots of fun with it

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