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Knitted coat Liana

Knitted coat Liana

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Ebooks are only available in multi-size format. Paper patterns are only shipped within the EU (+CH).


You can sew liana out of knitwear or suede. Make sure that the knitting/fabric does not fray at the edges and that it looks the same on the inside and outside. Liane is a great knitted coat in winter over narrow trousers or summery dresses and made of suede it is ideally suited as a transitional coat. Some of the edges are only cut, so the coat retains its nonchalance and soft drape.

Length at center back = 88-96 cm.

Available as an e-book, beamer file and as a single and multi-size pattern from 34-50

Level : medium for experienced


We recommend a soft knit fabric , boiled wool or a suede imitation leather , in any case a fabric whose cut edges do not fray, the left and right side of the fabric should look the same as possible.

Sizes 34-40

  • Outer fabric 2.70 m 140 cm wide

Sizes 42-50

  • Outer fabric 3.10 m 140 cm wide

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