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Windbreaker Sophia

Windbreaker Sophia

€12,90 Ebook
€14,90 sewing pattern
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Ebooks are only available as multi-size cuts. Paper patterns are only shipped within the EU (+CH).

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Sewing instructions
Our next Couple cut is online - the windbreaker Sophia. After you liked Emil and Emilea so much, now comes the counterpart of the jacket Moritz. The same details, but tailored to fit women. Sewn from a lightweight material Sophia is super suitable for so many outdoor activities. Hiking, biking or sailing, Sophia is a casual companion that with 6! Pockets also brings enough space for all utensils.

Length in the back center = 70-78 cm

Available as ebook and as single and multi-size cut in sizes from 34-50

Level: demanding - for professionals


We recommend you a light outdoor fabric

Size 34-40
  •     Outer fabric 2.40m 140 cm wide
Size 42-50
  •     Outer fabric 2.60m 140 cm wide
Sizes 34-50
  •     Velcro tape 0,15m 2cm wide
  •     Cord 2,70m 8mm diameter
  •     Cord stopper 4 pieces
  •     interlining 0.90cm 90cm wide
Plastic ripper, divisible
  •     Sizes 34-42 1x 70cm long
  •     Sizes 44-46 1x 75cm long
  •     Sizes 48-50 1x 78cm long     


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