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Selma wind shirt

Selma wind shirt

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€10,90 sewing pattern
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Ebooks are only available as multi-size cuts. Paper patterns are only shipped within the EU (+CH).

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Sewing instructions
The Wind shirt is ideal for layering and protects against wind and weather, at the same time you have a hip-length top that goes wonderfully with our Leggings Smilla can be combined. Selma has many nice details, such as the contrasting coloured elastic edging band that holds the edges in ever so slightly, giving it a very sporty look. The zippers and the inner hood are also made of the contrasting colour and last but not least, the waist can be adjusted to be narrower or more casual as desired with the elastic cord in the back.

Length at centre back = 77-83 cm

Available as ebook, projector file and as single and multi size cut from 34-50

Level : demanding - for professionals


We recommend a thin and soft Outdoor fabric and a contrasting inner lining in Mesh.

Sizes 34-42
  • Outer fabric 1.40 m 140 cm wide
Sizes 44-50
  • Outer fabric 1.90 m 140 cm wide
Sizes 34-50
  • Contrast 0.35 m 140 cm wide
  • Ripper 1 piece 25 cm long, ntlb.
  • Ripper 1 piece 16 cm long, ntlb.
  • elast. Edging tape 4 m 2 cm wide
  • elast. Cord 0.80 m 3 mm
  • Cord stopper 1 x
  • Eyelets 2 x 0.7 mm diameter
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